Monday, 3 September 2012

New blog and relaxing !

Hey Bloggers!

I'm new blogger so it's going to take me while to get used to.
I thought that I should make a blog because then I can express my love for fashion.
I know, I'm just "a kid" but you don't know how much I love fashion! Btw I'm 15 years old :D haha
Here is some pictures of the day !

Me listening to music

My nails

I hope you enjoy my page ! :)

Evelina xoxo


  1. awwww darling ;) sooo cute ! love it , i´m your first follower ! please have a look at mine ;)
    haha , i´ve got 2 ;D

    Love you ! and happy blogging ♥

  2. thanks jenny !! :) hahahaa ;D
    and i will follow your blogs ;)
    love you too daaaarling ! ♥